Shameen Anthanio-Williams

-Excerpt from upcoming book release, Tulsa Girl

Mama, why is it hailing

When the sun is stretched so wide?

Her mother turned to face Olivia

And quickly pulled her aside

She motioned her to the window

On a hill stood a gun in plain view

You see it's not hail you hear on the roof top

It's your country shooting at you

​​​​TULSA GIRL is a story about a six year-old girl who witnessed the events of the historic Tulsa Massacre (commonly referred to as the Tulsa Riots) of 1921. Olivia’s love for school was quickly buried in the ashes of her destroyed town and what remained in her heart was fear.  Will Olivia overcome her fear and return to school?

This story is written to inspire children to rise above their circumstances; to encourage a victorious response in the face disappointment and to shine on regardless. This story is based on true accounts of the Tulsa event as shared by Dr. Olivia J. Hooker. Dr. Hooker is a living legend; a United States Coast Guard trailblazer, a pioneering psychologist and a civil rights activist who celebrated her centennial on February 12, 2015. She has received numerous military and civic recognitions for her personal testimony of the Tulsa Massacre and for her lifelong professional and humanitarian accomplishments.

Copyright 2013. Shameen Anthanio-Williams. All rights reserved.

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